Company profile

Company Name Gallery She’s Co. Ltd
Address 11-31, Asahimachi 2-3, Asahikawa-city, Hokkaido, Japan
TEL +81 166 53 8886
FAX +81 166 51 0990
DirectorSachiko Hisaki (Ms.)
Establishment1April, 1991
Business1. Buying and selling art pieces (paintings, sculptures and prints), exhibition planning
2. Art management
3. All business related to the above
4. Antique commerce
5. Real estate leasing and brokerage
License Hokkaido Prefectural Public safety Commission 123010000491
Corporate policyCreate and propose fulfilling life through Art
Introduce, display and sell creations of artists who are active worldwide/nationwide.
Work to promote local culture by producing the place where people meet arts by providing the opportunities for local artists to exhibit their works.