Art Valuations

Gallery She’s is a community-based art dealer since its foundation.

Please connect with our experts to have support for every aspects of your art collection: buying, selling at auction house or in private, appraisals, valuations, and
restorations. If you have a problem for storage and management, estate liquidation, or succession of art pieces, our experienced staff appraises and offers the most suitable solutions of buyback/sell-off process, based on the detailed consultation.
We are also having considerable interests from corporations, public offices, lawyers and fax accountants.

About Appraisals

We assay the authenticity of the work.
Commission of valuation and an appraisal report fee will be charged, could be about 50,000-60,000 JPY, should an authentic work.
Commission of valuation will be charged even where it is fake.
Please note that an appraisal value could be lower than commission of valuation in some cases.
Please contact us before ordering appraisals.

Free on-site valuation
For Asahikawa-area residents, our expert will call at your house for valuation/ buy-out.
Please feel free to get in touch with us.

The list of the artists
Please review the list of the artists we are dealing with.

Paintings: Japanese-style paintings, Western-style paintings, oil paintings
Prints: Lithographs, Serigraphy, etchings, wood prints
Other art genres include craftworks.

Steps for selling

❶ Please call to Gallery She’s.

Please feel free to call Gallery She’s to sell your art piece.
📞+81 166 53 8886

❷ Your art piece to be validated.

Appraisal and valuation will be proceeded, based on the rich knowledge of latest auction data and art dealer’s market.
Proper evaluation to be offered and appraisal report will be issued upon request.
For Asahikawa-area residents, our expert will call at your house for valuation. Please contact.

❸ Please confirm a quoted price.

Confirmed buying price to be presented after the detailed assessment.
The deal to be closed with your agreement. You can also recall the selling in this stage.

❹ Payment to be proceeded.

After the agreement, the payment will be made by cash or dispatching to designated bank account via direct deposit.

📞+81 166 53 8886