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~Invitation from the Woods~ Keiko Inokuma Japanese Paintings

Wednesday, June 10th – Monday, June 29th, 2020

Focusing on Japan Fine Arts Exhibition, Keiko Inokuma, born in Kyoto in 1958, is up-and-coming multi-award-winning paintress includes Yamatane Museum of Art NIHONGA AWARD which is considered as the first step up the ladder of Japanese-style painter.

Inspired by her energetic location hunting to village forests around the nation, Keiko draws woods in peace and innocent lives under the sound of a stream with her sensitive brush and rich expressiveness.

Especially, drawings she puts gold and platinum leaf in the background create a unique aura.

After an absence of 3 years, this exhibition showcases 25 new works including landscapes around Asahikawa such as Mt. Taisetsu and Biei.

Please come and enjoy heart-healing Japanese scene of the heart.